Airbrush Tan

Sunless tanning is a perfect solution for people who want an immediate tan. Sunless tanning can also even out your complexion and fix tan lines. Want to darken or deepen your base tan, sunless tanning is for you.  

Sunless tanning for perfect complexion and NO Tanlines

Sunless tanning for perfect complexion and NO Tanlines


Our Process

Our spray tans are 100% customizable to your goals and skin type. Prior to application, you will be able to consult with our expert certified tan applicators to discuss skin type and the exact look and duration you are going for.
We provide you with guidelines and tips to get the most out of your tan. The airbrush tan is carried out with the utmost privacy and to your comfort level, by our experienced certified tanning experts.
After consultation, you may choose an aloe prep spray that acts like a primer. It nourishes your skin, optimizes PH and increases absorption and duration of the tan.
See our instruction on how to best care for your tan and skin to keep duration and glow.

Our Norvell solutions are high quality, never tested on animals, Paraben free, and made in the USA!

How Does Spray Tanning Work?

The DHA solution causes the proteins in the outside layer of your skin to react with the oxygen in the air, resulting in a bronzing effect. The best way to understand this can be illustrated in this analogy: When you take a bite out of an apple and set it down the fruit begins to turn brown after it is exposed to the air for a while.

This is a very similar reaction to what takes place with the D.H.A. and your skin after an airbrush session. You are not applying a dye or direct color to your skin but rather creating a situation where your skin develops a beautiful natural bronze color on it’s own through a natural chemical enhancement. The solution is tinted so you will notice some immediate results.

Our Solutions

We offer a high-end standard solution by Breeze Products that is fully customizable and lasts about 3 to 6 days.

  • Sunless tanning starting at $29.99
  • Unlimited tanning monthly membership $59.99

Our Premium solution is by Norvel and is the exclusive Film-Ready line that is made specifically for modeling and photography situations where tan must hold up under the scrutiny of flash photography.  This solution is even more versatile than the standard and last 5 to 10 days.


Custom Airbrush Tan Vs Spray Booth

Why get a custom airbrush? Spray tanning is an art and you wouldn’t get the Mona Lisa from a machine. Our sunless tanning specialist are certified and experienced and know how to apply a perfect airbrush to any body and skin type. Automated spray tan booths commonly produce uneven tans, light spots from skin wrinkles, and untanned patches of unreached underskin. Custom airbrushing also offers you the option of building contours in your tan ten emphasize muscles and tone, or provide a slimming effect by accentuating curves.