Tanning Cocktails

Many seasoned tanners or skin care specialists will recommend a tanning cocktail.  At Tan Xs, we make this a wholly relaxing spa experience that will leave you feeling sexy and confident.

Cocktail Tanning $49.95

Includes Norvell Premium Spray Tan and 12 minute Ergoline Bed

This is a UV bed tan followed immediately by a sunless airbrush tan. This combination is ideal for overcoming tanning plateaus, adding contours and deepening a bed tan, or just getting the perfect even tan you want, faster.

Your 12 minute Ergoline tan will stimulate vitamin B and melatonin production in your skin, then opening your pores and helping to create a richer base tan.

Following this with our Premium Norvell Airbrush tan allows the solution to really soak into your open pores for a higher absorption rate and a longer-lasting, deeper tan.

Our Premium Norvell spray tan solution is made for film and flash photography ready, adding advanced undertones and greater customization to your bed tan.

Super Skin Cocktail $59.95

Includes 15 minute Red Light Therapy Ergoline bed, 12 minute Ergoline Tanning Bed, and Premium Norvell Airbrush Finish

This cocktail is for supreme skin luxury and tan refreshment. It is used by our clients attending important events, photography and modeling shoots, or other occasions where the quality of one’s skin and tan is really noticed.

Starting with a relaxing Red Light Therapy session will boost collagen production in your skin, firm your skin, diminish the appearance of scars and wounds, and reduce the redness and blemishes caused by acne. It is a non-heating treatment that stimulates blood flow to skin.

Our full body Red Light bed allows you to even out the complexion of your entire body and diminish scars everywhere, including from scars from shaving, pet scratches, chest and back acne, and those pesky heat pimples you might get on your arms.

After your skin is refreshed, muscles are relaxed, and inflammation or pains are reduced with the Red Light Therapy, your spacious Ergoline bed tan will feel even better. The Red Light Therapy session will have increased blood flow to your skin so your bed tanning and subsequent Premium Norvell spray tan will be able to have a glowing effect, with possibly more even results.