Making Your Airbrush Last As Long As Possible


Whether you’re getting sprayed for an event, going on vacation, or just because you like to be tan; everyone wants their tan to last as long as possible. The last thing anyone wants is to get a spray tan and have it only lasts a couple days versus the 7 days, give or take, that the technician tells you it will last for. Having the right tools available, and knowledge of how to care for your spray tan, is necessary in maintaining a flawless airbrush. We’ve listed below some products and tips that we know will definitely keep your spray tan looking its best!


A crucial step that is often overlooked is exfoliating prior to your appointment. Exfoliating is necessary because it removes the buildup of dead skin cells that accumulate on top of the skin and without exfoliating, the solution doesn’t have anything to “stick” to and be absorbed as well.

A product that never fails and is still gentle on the skin is the Norvell Renewing Exfoliator. It balances the skins pH and does not contain any oils or perfumes, which can clog the pores and prevent the solution from absorbing properly.


norvell-cleanserAnother important step is keeping your skin moisturized. The dryer your skin is the faster your spray tan will come off because dry skin sheds dead skin cells at a much faster rate than moisturized skin. Norvell Prolong Lotion is a great moisturizer and is specifically formulated to be used with airbrushes. The lotion has extenders and is tinted to keep the color lasting as long as possible.




Finally, using a cleanser/soap with your airbrush. Most people don’t understand that the soap you use daily can actually remove the spray tan much quicker.

The cleanser we recommend is the Norvell Cleanser. Like the exfoliator, it is pH balanced and is gentle and safe for use while you have your airbrush.


Now that you know how to make your airbrush last as long as possible, come book an appointment with us  😉