The Best Tanning Beds at the Best Prices

Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks’ hottest tanning salon. Our beds use the most advanced technology on the market today. All employees are Smart Tan certified professionals, prepared to answer any and all tanning questions.

Offering the lowest prices in the Conejo Valley, we built our tanning salon with you in mind. Not only are you tanning with the best equipment, you are paying far less for better quality. No need to purchase any tanning lotions or eye wear because all tanning lotion and eye wear is provided.

We offer 5 different levels of UV tanning beds. Unlimited monthly memberships start at just $29.95 and INCLUDE tanning lotion! We also offer tanning sessions starting at only $9.95 INCLUDING tanning lotion!

Need some immediate color? Check out our hand applied Airbrush Tanning at one LOW price of $29.95. Our pricing cannot be beat.

Clients from Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, West Hills, and Woodland Hills have all enjoyed our unbeatable prices.

Each tanning room has its own free tanning lotion dispensers and sanitized eye wear. Here at Tan Xs Westlake Village you won’t ever have to worry about the pressure of being “sold” tanning lotions every time you walk in. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your tanning lotion or eye wear. Each tanning bed has its own air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable every time you enter your private tanning room. Additionally, we offer professional moisturizers and tan extenders to ensure you are getting your best tanning results.

Conveniently located at the intersection of Thousand Oaks Blvd and Marmon Ave, we are across the street from the Auto Mall, in the Paseo Marketplace shopping center. So what are you waiting for….come get Naked in our beds!!

  • This place is AWESOME. I have never tanned indoors before and I was extremely nervous. The girls were so sweet! They gave me a tour of the entire salon and explained the differences between the different beds. They put me more at ease for the experience. They recommended what would be best for me; based on my experience and they weren't just trying to up sell me. The place was super clean! There's free lotion in each room. I would recommend this place to everyone!!!–Kristine K.

  • Unbelievable! Thank goodness this place exists. I was giving up hope on finding a salon with inexpensive monthly packages. I only tan 2 times a year before each of my vacations for about a month so I prefer to get monthly unlimited packages instead of paying per tan. Here I can actually afford the bed that I want AND I get free lotion. The salon is super clean, the beds are new and it has a really good atmosphere and vibe. It's not pretentious or snobby like the other salons in the area. The 2 girls who I've seen here are just darling and very nice. So basically, I'm a very happy customer. I'll be going on vacation shortly and will have a beautiful even tan 🙂 Thank you TanXs!!!!!–ANNA Z.

  • Very nice tanning salon. The girls are really nice. Haven't encountered a line so far. All the beds are really nice and they keep them spotless. They know how long to put you in for and know a lot about the beds. I am really tan now and I have never been burned! Cute stickers and free lotion. The fans are awesome in the beds and I never get too hot like other tanning salons.–RACHEL C.

  • I 've been going to Tan X's for about 3 months now and they have always been very helpful and pleasent to me. I had a few questions when I renewed and the manager didn't hesitate to answer all of them in a polite and friendly demeanor, which is refreshing now-a-days. The beds are nice and clean and the bulbs are very strong, so expect to get tan fast. For the price and beds, I totally recommend to anyone!–Jeff B.

  • I have been going to Tan Xs shortly after they opened and love it! It has shown me how much I have been over paying for tanning in the past and the best part is the FREE lotion!! Never again will I pay for another bottle of lotion. Their prices are great, the salon is clean, and their staff is extremely nice and friendly. I recommend Tan Xs for all those tanners out there!–TARA J.

  • I had bought a tanning coupon but it expired and I needed a spray tan fast! I had hoped to use that credit but they wouldn't apply to the spray tan but would allow me to use it for tanning beds when I came back. So I went a head and paid for a spray tan.... It was only $20.00 which did concern me...BUT.. It was by far one of the best spray tans I've ever received!!! It was the perfect "glow" and lasted well over a week. I may even forget the tanning sessions and opt for the spray! The place was modern and super clean. Everyone there was professional and friendly. They called me by name. I'm super impressed and would highly recommend Tan XS!!–JOY B.