Bed Tanning

Our tanning beds are state-of-the-art. We use of the highest caliber of bed and bulbs available. We provide a range of beds, 5 in total, to accommodate your complexion goals and budget.

Welcome the best bed tanning in town!

When new client walks into our salon looking for a high quality tan, we give them the utmost attention and benefit of our knowledge.

We conduct a survey to determine skin type and provide free consultation on how best to achieve your goals and get results that look good on you.

After consultation, we provide you with free premium lotion, sanitized eye-wear, so that you can unwind and revitalize your skin.

At our salon, we employ experienced, certified experts – not salesmen!

Unlike every other tanning salon, our premium tanning lotions are FREE. We provide you with the highest quality of lotion, bronzers, and intensifiers for FREE! We want you to get the best experience possible and the relaxation and privacy you deserve when you come to get a tan. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality tan, the best quality beds, at the most economical prices.

Bed Selection

Vertical Extreme Bed

The ultimate stand-up tanning booth! – This high-pressure technology is open-concept tanning at its finest. You are not closed in at all and you will NOT feel claustrophobic in this stand-up tanning booth. Alternating the effects of low and high-pressure tan, the stand-up tanning booth becomes the most appropriate equipment to get the most natural and gradual tan.

Extreme Bed

This is the ultimate tanning experience, surrounded by the sun, almost suspended in mid-air, your tanning experience will be luxurious and satisfying. In 12 minutes or less, you will achieve a longer lasting, richer tan. The top and bottom center lamps rotate to provide you with a fully even, well defined glow. This is the best high pressure bed in the industry, after only one session you will learn why.

Mega Bed

Five times stronger than the VIP bed, the Mega tanning bed gives you just the right mix of UVA for superior, golden tanning, and has 1.6% UVB to ensure you do not burn. This bed has a maximum tan time of 15 minutes. It is ideal for people who burn easily, but want to gradually build a vibrant base tan.

Ergoline Bed

This 12-minute tanning bed has powerful 97% UVB-free tanning bulbs that will help you jump-start that bronze color. The Ergoline also provides you with all the luxuries to make your tanning experience the most comfortable. The bed has special facial tanning bulbs with only .03% UVB rays, neck and shoulder tanners, side tanners, and a cold air system to keep you cool.


Our “standard tanning bed” really raises the standard of quality of the tanning industry. Unlike the older 20-30 minute beds, this bed uses 120-160 watt bulbs for a fast 15 minute tan. With 6% UVB, this bed is ideal for someone who wants a longer lasting tan or for health reasons, wants more Vitamin D production. This bed is ideal for people who tan easily and want to perfect and even their tones for a deeper, darker look.