Welcome to the best tan in Conejo Valley!

We at Tan Xs provide the best beds that the industry has to offer. Because of our skilled certified staff and vast experience in the industry, we can offer you our beds, sunless tanning, and red light therapy at the best prices in all of Westlake, Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley.

We are not like other salons! Tan Xs is dedicated to your personal experience. We give you the highest quality lotion for FREE, along with eye wear and towels, because we believe you should be able to walk in from anywhere, relax, and get the look you want.

This is why at Tan Xs, you can be confident you are getting the best. Our beds, bulbs, and rooms are cleaned after every usage and strictly maintained to the highest standard. We use film ready spray tanning solution that translates under flash photography. Come in and see for yourself what a great tan can do for you!

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Bed Tanning

Extreme Bed - $ 39.95

Ergoline Bed - $ 18.95

VIP Bed - $ 9.95

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Airbrush Tan

Single Session - $ 29.95

Pack of 5 Sessions - $ 99.00

Monthly Membership - $ 59.95

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Red Light Therapy

Single Session - $ 9.95

30-Day Unlimited - $ 69.95

Monthly Membership - $ 49.95

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