Full Body Rejuvenation

Red Light Therapy Will Make You Feel and Look Younger


What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is a natural, non-invasive therapy that delivers beneficial wavelengths of light to your skin and cells. Stimulating cellular activity to encourage the production of collagen in your skin. RLT provides a vital benefit that combats and prevents skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars, and persistent wounds, among other conditions.


Got Hair Loss?


RLT Advantages;

  • Prolong life of existing hair

  • Prevent follicle death

  • Trigger immediate hair regrowth after old hair falls out

  • Renew and replenish follicle and scalp with increased blood flow

Reverse Hair Loss and Increase Hair Re-Growth by 35% in 4 weeks.

Red Light Therapy has been scientifically proven to increase hair regrowth by 35% – 39% in humans after regular treatments over 2 to 6 months.

Reversible hair loss is the thinning and loss of hair due to male/female pattern baldness, stress, medication side effects, menopause, or genetic susceptibility to hair loss from testosterone and other hormone changes. Red light therapy can reverse this kind of hair loss when applied before the hair follicles die. In 2007, Red Light Therapy was approved by the FDA to treat Male Pattern Baldness and in 2011 to treat Female pattern baldness.

The upside of this therapy is that unlike painful surgery, topical hair creams, drugs, and the dreadful toupee, it has no adverse side effects! By penetrating the scalp and stimulating the hair follicle, Red Light Therapy works by prolonging the life of existing hair, preventing follicle death, and triggering immediate hair re-growth after old hair falls out. It can’t cause you to grow hair where there was none before, so don’t worry, you won’t turn into a yeti.

Pain Relief & Relaxation


Red Light Therapy is now an FDA-approved treatment for chronic joint pain, arthritis, slow-to-heal-wounds, and inflammation pain like most back, knee, and neck pains. Several studies have shown that Red Light Therapy can give patients with rheumatoid arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders immediate short-term pain relief and over time, increase the functionality of affected areas.

NASA has also produced studies that show Red Light Therapy’s effectiveness in helping cancer patients and reducing their pain caused by radiation and chemotherapy. In 2011, the developed their own version of a Red Light Therapy device called HEALS. When tested, “The trial concluded that there is a 96 percent chance that the improvement in pain of those in the high-risk patient group was the result of the HEALS treatment.”

  • FDA-Approved for short-term pain relief of joints and slow-to-heal-wounds

  • Inflammation reduction joint regeneration

  • Skin and cartilage rebuilding

  • Increased range of motion in patients with musculoskeletal disorders

Experience The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Firm, Smooth, and Rejuvenate Skin

  • Reverse Hair Loss with Red Light Therapy

  • Reduce Pain, Soothe Arthritis and Help Regenerate Cartilage